Information for District Offices

This page is designed to provide district/network leaders with all the information they need about Pathway. If you have any questions (or ideas!) please email us [email protected] or text us at 1-916-999-9027

DistrictActive StudentsLife-Time RegistrationsRank
Northern Calif-Nevada842701
Rocky Mountain District601272
Georgia District Council571683
North Carolina District511124
I Don't Know431645
Northwest District Council391216
Peninsular Florida311067
Southern Missouri District25768
Arkansas District Council221109
Hawaii District Council205110
Michigan District Council173611
Alaska District Council163412
Wisconsin-N Michigan District163812
New Mexico District Council164712
Northern Missouri136515
North Texas District Council135215
Minnesota District Council124017
South Carolina District122517
Ohio District Council114819
Illinois District Council103321
New York District Council93322
Northern New England92622
Oklahoma District Council93222
South Texas District Council72825
Alabama District Council72525
Pennsylvania Delaware62428
Southern California District63128
New Jersey District Council61828
Indiana District Council52431
Southern New England51731
Central District/Distrito Central51231
North Dakota Ministry51331
Florida Multicultural52031
Northwest Hispanic52031
West Florida District51131
Southern Idaho District41238
Iowa District Council41838
Central Pacific3940
Oregon District Council31840
Kansas District Council32640
Louisiana District Council33340
Wyoming District Council31340
Samoan District Council3840
Tennessee District Council21146
Kentucky District Council2646
Southern Pacific2346
South Dakota District1649
Spanish Eastern District1649
South Central Hispanic1549
West Texas District Council1749
German District Council1149
Arizona District Council02354
Texas Gulf Hispanic0354
Potomac District Council0854
Mississippi District Council0454
Texas Louisiana Hispanic0754
Appalachian District Council0354
Montana District Council0054
Nebraska District Council0454
Brazilian District0054
Korean District Council0054
Midwest Latin Amer. District0054
National Slavic0154
Puerto Rico District Council0154
Second Korean0054
Southern Latin District0054
Southwest District Council0054
West Texas And Plains0054
DistrictActive Students
Northern Calif-Nevada85
Rocky Mountain District60
Georgia District Council57
North Carolina District51
I Don't Know43
Northwest District Council39
Peninsular Florida31
Southern Missouri District25
Arkansas District Council22
Hawaii District Council20
Michigan District Council17
Alaska District Council16
Wisconsin-N Michigan District16
New Mexico District Council16
Northern Missouri13
North Texas District Council13
Minnesota District Council12
South Carolina District12
Ohio District Council11
Illinois District Council10
New York District Council9
Northern New England9
Oklahoma District Council9
South Texas District Council7
Alabama District Council7
Pennsylvania Delaware6
Southern California District6
New Jersey District Council6
Indiana District Council5
Southern New England5
Central District/Distrito Central5
North Dakota Ministry5
Florida Multicultural5
Northwest Hispanic5
West Florida District5
Southern Idaho District4
Iowa District Council4
Central Pacific3
Oregon District Council3
Kansas District Council3
Louisiana District Council3
Wyoming District Council3
Samoan District Council3
Tennessee District Council2
Kentucky District Council2
Southern Pacific2
South Dakota District1
Spanish Eastern District1
South Central Hispanic1
West Texas District Council1
German District Council1
Arizona District Council0
Texas Gulf Hispanic0
Potomac District Council0
Mississippi District Council0
Texas Louisiana Hispanic0
Appalachian District Council0
Montana District Council0
Nebraska District Council0
Brazilian District0
Korean District Council0
Midwest Latin Amer. District0
National Slavic0
Puerto Rico District Council0
Second Korean0
Southern Latin District0
Southwest District Council0
West Texas And Plains0

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Director's Note on Internship Exemptions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nope. Feel free to inform Students at your leisure. If you believe an MOU is something your district would like to pursue, please contact us, at [email protected]

Yes! Some DSOM directors even recommend Pathway to their students who need to complete a course that is not currently being offered by the DSOM or for students who have gotten out of sync with their DSOM schedule. In this way, Pathway is a great gap-filler for your students.

We are ministry minded and try to always put the student first. Please connect with us and we can partner with you to help get this student started studying in ministry. Just send us an email at [email protected] to discuss your need.

We are approved by the Assemblies of God Executive Presbytery as one of the many approved educational paths available for use by students from any District in the United States, even if they are temporarily living abroad (such as a missionary associate) while studying.

For educational purposes, Pathway works for anyone, anywhere in the world. For education toward credentialing purposes, the approval granted by The General Council of the Assemblies of God (USA) only applies to US residents or missionaries from the US living abroad who will apply for a USA-AG credential.

Pathway does not handle or manage Life Experience exemptions.

Yes! We have a digital promo kit designed for this exact reason. To request this digital promo kit, fill out the application form here.

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