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Welcome to the Pathway Job Board home!  Subscribed students may scroll to discover AG churches that are currently searching for qualified candidates.  Please know that Pathway has limited knowledge related to churches subscribing to this feature and therefore, does not endorse or guarantee that a particular church is the right fit for you. 

Our intent is to make connections between churches and students allowing both parties to prayerfully consider each other and process God’s Will in moving forward.


Become an active Pathway student to view the job board!

Step 1: Register for a Pathway account and log in

Step 2: Visit the Pathway Courses to finish creating your profile

Step 3: Visit the Course Catalog page to subscribe and become a Pathway student


Subscribe as an employer to start posting jobs!

Step 1: Register for a Pathway account and log in

Step 2: Purchase a subscription to the job board and choose the billing period for your subscription. The only cycle being offered right now is $100/month.

Step 3: Checkout and start posting jobs


Post Jobs

Employers may post as many jobs as they like. All job posts will appear on our job board for our students to see.


Students may create resumes to make the application process easier.

Manage Jobs

Easily manage all your job posts. You may edit or relist your jobs any time you like.


Bookmark and save notes about your favorite jobs.

Manage Applications

You may take notes, rate, and change application statuses to keep track of your top applicants.


We want to connect the right people with the right places so our application process is short and simple.

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