We offer free transcript evaluations when you transfer into Pathway. It is also free to order your Pathway transcript when you are ready to transfer out. 

Transferring Courses In

No, you don’t need to send your transcript in. You can go ahead and get started any time you want. The only reason we look at your transcripts would be to help you figure out which courses you still need to complete your credentialing requirements.

We accept transfer credits from many schools. It will ultimately be your district office who will determine if you have the right combination of courses to apply for your credentials. 

While it is not necessary to send in your transcripts, it can be helpful if you are unsure which courses you still need to take. A transcript evaluation will help you find which courses you still need and where to start.

Pathway Transcript

You can export a detailed report of your progress in the “Progress” section of your profile. Click here to see a short guide on where it is. Some districts will accept these and your certificates as unofficial transcripts.

To order your official Pathway transcript, work through the form below. There is no cost to requested a transcript, and it only takes a few minutes. We usually respond to Transcript requests within 24 hours. 

Yes! Through our many transfer agreements, students have opportunity to transfer up to 36 credits into the pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree. For more info on our transfer agreements see our University Partnership page.

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