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Everything is fully online, self-paced, with no due dates.

We are fully online and self-paced. This means that all of your courses and materials are available for you anytime with no due dates. You can also start studying the moment you enroll into a course rather than waiting for the beginning of a semester.

Study anywhere

Access our platform from a phone, tablet, laptop, computer, and more. You can also access your courses from our mobile app!

You can access your courses from a phone, tablet, laptop, computer, and more. We also have an app in the App Store and Google Play that let’s you download the courses to work offline.

Study for only $50 a month

A subscription of $50 a month will give you access to our entire course catalog.

A subscription of $50 a month will give you access to our entire course catalog. This opens all credentialing and elective courses for you to enroll into anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To subscribe or resubscribe, just log in to your student account and go to the Course Catalog. From there, click on either of the two Subscribe to All buttons. Your subscription will start right away. If you are a returning student and this was a re-subscription, your courses will no longer be paused! To learn more click HERE

Instead of paying for each course one at a time, your subscription of $50 a month will give you unlimited access to all courses in our system as long as you remain subscribed. When you’ve completed your courses, simply unsubscribe at any time.

Our policy is that we do not offer refunds. However if you feel your circumstances warrant an exception you may submit a refund request HERE. We do not offer refunds for inactivity.

We do not have the authority to accredit courses taken outside of Pathway towards credentialing. This is because it is solely your district office that has the final say in the acceptance and articulation of your credits and courses from other schools. If you are unsure which courses you still need to take, we recommend contacting your local district directly for your transcript evaluations. For more information click HERE.

*To send or receive your Pathway transcript, check out our TRANSCRIPT page.

*Please note the option to Pause your Subscription is not available from the Mobile App.

If you pause your subscription, you won’t be able to access your paid courses anymore because the subscription is paused immediately. However, you will still be able to log in and view your student records and course progress.

To pause your subscription, go to your My Payments tab.

Next, click Pause your subscription.

If you want to resubscribe, you only need to go to the Course Catalog and click Subscribe to All again.