Officially, Pathway is a “Church-Based Bible Institute” approved by the General Council of the Assemblies of God. Pathway is about helping those who want to grow in their understanding of the Bible and ministry, but cannot break away to pursue a four-year degree. We provide instruction, interaction, and accountability in a way that correspondence courses are not able to. 

Pathway is not accredited and is not a university. While endorsed by the Executive Presbytery of the US Assemblies of God for ministerial training, courses completed through Pathway do not automatically qualify for college credit.

Instead of charging tuition for each course, students pay one subscription rate of $50 a month and receive unlimited immediate access to all 28 credentialing courses.

Students progress through the material however fast they like, with no due dates or expirations. Some students binge watch/read the material, while others view it at a more regular pace. Students may be enrolled in any as many courses as they’d like, but it’s important to note though, that a  student must be enrolled in a course for 14 days until they can submit their final. 

Using material we’ve created or curated, everything you need to read is already built into each course. There is no need to buy any textbooks, although we do recommend many for supplemental reading.

Each course consist of 40-45 hours of content mixed between videos, reading, and quizzes. The final for each course is simply a 5-minute video presentation of the student teaching the material they just learned. 

Students earn points, badges, and levels and can even see how they rank on the “leaderboard.”

Students who have completed courses from other institutions may transfer their courses in. For more info on transferring credit, check out our “002 Next Steps” course, or our FAQ.

We are thrilled to announce that many Universities have agreed to award credit for a student’s completion of this program. 

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