Our Story

My name is Abe Daniel, and I serve as the senior pastor of Trinity Life Center in Sacramento, CA. Prior to accepting this role, I had the privilege of serving as the District Youth Director (DYD) for the Northern California/Nevada Assemblies of God.

In 2008, I had the privilege of launching a unique ministry called Pathway. During what would become one of the worst economic seasons in our nations history, this ministry effectively partnered with the graduates of Bible Colleges/Universities and church based internships and launched them into ministry under the umbrella of an apprenticeship with churches that could not afford the full-time staff pastor. To provide for the educational needs many students had, I connected them with our District school, Bethany University. At one point, our Pathway students consisted of 40% of their online/distance learning program prior to their closure in 2011. At the conclusion of five years and at my transition out of that district role, we had launched 72 leaders into pastoral ministry.

The first Pathway courses, Circa 2008.

Fast Forward to 2018…

Now based out of Trinity Life Center in Sacramento, California, we were feeling the need for a new way to get our students educated and credentialed for ministry. We were not happy with the options around us, so as a side project, we started brainstorming a new way do meet this need. We set out from the beginning to provide the highest quality education possible while at the same time making this credentialing journey as approachable and as affordable as possible. And here’s what we did…

We took all the education you need to get credentialed… and we put it on an app! What this means is that it gives our students a completely different user experience.

Pathway Today

Long story short, we launched a new platform offering fully online, app-based, credentialing courses for one subscription rate of $50 a month.

Since our launch in April 2019, we have served over 1,000 students across all 50 states and have even had students studying in 8+ countries (mostly MA’s).

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