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Pathway is proud to host Internships in multiple churches in Northern California and Nevada.

Ministry Training

 Teaching the spiritual and administrative responsibilities of ministry.

Biblical Education

 Valuing college education, ministerial credentials, and life preparation.

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Main Components

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What Will Be Accomplished:

  • Mentoring by experienced pastors, evangelists and missionaries from our region on a weekly basis
  • Mentoring and ministry exposure with our top pastors and leaders on a weekly basis
  • Practical ministry experience as a pastor within an Assembly of God church
  • Weekly training on the practical side of ministry
  • The opportunity to earn credits that can be applied to other universities
  • Christian college education
  • Future potential Job placement based upon church openings and your performance

Student’s Responsibility:

  • Serve at a local church or ministry 10-20 hours a week.
  • Keep your own calendar
  • Complete all educational requirements
  • Cooperation with the Pathway Director to accomplish all training, educational and ministry goals.
  • Attend all meetings and trainings. (Online is available) 

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