WElcome North CAROLINA District Council!

ACTIVE SubscriptionsLife-Time RegistrationsDistrict RankLast Registered UserDate Registered
32635Raymond Yorke02/08/2022, 04:11:03
  • Active Subscriptions are students who are currently subscribed to Pathway.
  • Life-Time Registrations refers to all students we have on file from your district whether they are active or not.
  • District Rank is your rank against all other AG Districts in the US.
  • Last Registered User is the last student we have on file that is based out of your district. This user may or may not be subscribed or active.
  • Date Registered refers to the date the last user in your district registered for their account.

The District Officer's Scholarship

This scholarship may be awarded up to two times per calendar for each district. Of course, if a special need arises after that, please reach out and we will see what we can do. This scholarship will be for 1 full level of courses, for 1 full year. To get started, just send this link to the student you want to scholarship and we will take it from there. 

Create Your Own Scholarship

Do you have a scholarship that you would like to provide to a certain type of student?  Create it here and we will add it our list of scholarships for students to see! The process is fairly simple. You decide how many students you want to give a scholarship to and for how long, and we will take care of everything else once it’s paid for!

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