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Assemblies of God Credentialing Education


Course Content


Learn from the best communicators.


Read web articles, academic journals, book summaries, chapter excepts, dissertation excerpts & more.


Take a quiz after each section.

Qualified Professors

Interact 10+ times with a real professor in every course.

Final Presentation

Students record themselves teaching the materials for 5 minutes as their final projects for each course.

Common Questions

What is the workload like?

On average, students seem to finish a course in about 20-30 hours of work.

Can I transfer from other AG schools?

Yes. We have a system to help guide you through this process here.

What if I need to stop my subscription?

You can pause your subscription any time you wish. You will still be able to log in and view your records and course progress. When you are ready to continue, you only need to go back to the course catalog to subscribe again.

Can I earn real college credit?

Yes! Through our transfer agreements with multiple AG universities, you can earn more than a full year of credits through our courses.

What happens after I complete all of my courses?

You can request your transcript to be sent wherever you want. For example, students have sent it out to their district offices for credentialing or to other universities to continue their studies.

How do I get help?

You can find more answers to other common questions on our FAQ. You can also directly contact us, or message your professor.

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